Personal Investigative Services

Here at GBP Services, we like to consider ourselves the local experts on all things Private Investigator related. There are so many reasons that you could be looking into a private investigator for something in your personal life. You may want a thorough background check done on someone, and this of course needs to be handled with the utmost discretion and nothing less. Sometimes people act suspicious or you just want to be sure they are who they say for the overall safety of yourself and your children. The world is a dangerous place, so you shouldn’t think down on yourself for being cautious these days. Problems tend to not just go away, they instead show themselves at the worst moments. 

consultingChildren and young adults make mistakes and they need to be protected. As a parent you have the right and responsibility to know if your children are involved in serious misconduct or criminal activities. Even the courts agree. More importantly, your children may be the victim of stalking, sexual predators, or bullies. The number of children and adults who are violently or sexually assaulted by relatives, dates, teachers, coaches, clergy, doctors, and other persons they assumed they could trust is staggering. We can also help you with your physical and personal security needs. Do you want and need justice? Because of severe budget cuts, local and federal law enforcement does not always have the time, manpower, and resources to help you resolve your problem. In many instances a good private investigator can help you with matters involving stalking, violent and physical abuse, bullying, missing persons, recovering stolen property and assets, and court cases. Always cooperate with law enforcement, but you may want to consult with a qualified private investigator or attorney as well. It is your right and your decision.

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Business Investigation Services

When it comes to business investigations, they can include anything from civil and criminal matters to internal administrative matters. We can either do generalized or specialized investigations. These can include, but aren’t limited to, pre-employment checks, intense background investigations, general safety and security, investment and partnership considerations, workplace violence or harassment, and internal thefts and abuses. To protect your company as best you can, you have to minimize risks and liabilities. You also need to make sure all that you do is in compliance with federal and state law. So, why should a business or organization hire a private investigator? To expose potential and existing problems or to discover the underlying truth! If you let us investigate first, we can bring you all of the facts so that you can make the best informed decisions possible. As professional investigators, we have the expert knowledge, skills and abilities to help you in many areas.

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We are proud to say that we can truly offer service on a global scale if things come down to it. We have connections all over the world, and a ton of resources to help us achieve our goals. But we are most effective in the local area, where we can meet people in person, observe things, and just work in proximity to our jobs.


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