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Raleigh Personal Investigations

Raleigh is a very large and very diverse place, it’s one of the fastest growing cities in the whole country. When it comes to your private investigator needs in the Raleigh area, we’re your go-to. There are many reasons that you could find yourself looking into a PI. You may have someone close to you that you just don’t feel right about, and want a background check done on them. This, of course, has to be handled with the utmost discretion, nothing less is acceptable.

The investigators (Private Eyes) at GBP provide discrete and thorough investigations in the following areas:

Experienced Raleigh NC Private Investigators

  • Private Investigations / Detective / Private Eye
  • Criminal, Civil & Administrative Investigations
  • Divorce / Infidelity / Cheating Spouse
  • Personal & Family Matters at Home, Work & School

Find Missing Persons

  • Find/Track Missing Children
  • Find/Track Missing Adults

Business Investigations

  • Pre-Employment & Employee Background Investigations
  • General & Due Diligence Background Investigations
  • Insurance & Fraud Investigations
  • Internal/Employee Theft & Loss Prevention
  • Intellectual Property Rights & Counterfeiting
  • Commercial Fraud & Theft

Consulting & Contracting Services:

  • Government & Regulatory Compliance
  • Law Enforcement Advisement, Mentorship & Training
  • Criminal & Civil Investigations Expertise
  • Asset Forfeiture & Financial Investigations/ Money Laundering
  • National Security
  • Terrorism / Anti-Terrorism, Domestic Terrorism, International Terrorism
  • U.S. Customs, Immigration & National Security Matters
  • Intelligence & Counterintelligence Operations
  • Course Development & Instruction/Training
  • Electronic Countermeasures

Security & Safety

  • Personal & Executive Protection
  • Physical, Personal, Information & Cyber Security
  • Firearms & Defensive Tactics

Other Services

  • Undercover Operations
  • Electronic & Physical Surveillance Operations
  • Interviewing & Debriefings
  • Expert Witness & Court Testimony
  • Asset Identification & Recovery
  • Computer Forensics & Laboratory Testing

Your kids may not like it, but sometimes they make mistakes and need you to protect them from themselves. Even the courts agree. More importantly, your children may be the victim of stalking, sexual predators, or bullies. The number of children and adults who are violently or sexually assaulted by relatives, dates, teachers, coaches, clergy, doctors, and other persons they assumed they could trust is staggering, and to us, that is just unacceptable and these people need to pay. Raleigh law enforcement is great and they always try their best, but often times they’re under staffed and just can’t effectively handle all of the things that happen in their jurisdiction. You need to always cooperate with law enforcement, but you may want to consult with a qualified private investigator or attorney as well. It is your right and your decision to make in the end.

Raleigh Missing Persons

If you think that a loved one is missing, you need to go to the Raleigh police immediately. You need to make sure that the proper reports are taken and effort is being put in. Don’t pester them, but make sure they know that you’re watching what they do. You can contact us for free information on preparing an “Individual Protection Packet” for your loved ones. We also provide a two hour “Missing Children and Adults: Awareness and Prevention” presentation. Ask about this free presentation for families, businesses, organizations, and other groups. Call and ask about a discount for bulk purchases of my book. Finding missing children is one of the things I believe in most strongly in my life, it’s so important that these children get the same chances to live a life that we all do.

Learn more about Individual Private Investigation

Business Investigations Raleigh, NC

Business Investigations are wide reaching, they could encompass anything from criminal wrong doing to tackling internal administrative issues, or just fact collecting for you to make better informed decisions. We can do more generalized or specialized investigations. The best way to protect any company is to minimize possible risks and obligations, and we can help you weed those out. Like them or not, they are always there. So, why should your Raleigh organization enlist the support of a private investigator? To expose future and potential problems, or find some underlying truths. We can bring you all the facts you need to make sure decisions and can offer advice beyond that. As truly professional investigators, we’ve got the capacity, knowledge, and skills to assist your Raleigh business with nearly any potential issues.

Business Consulting Services

Large or small alike, all businesses need expert advice and assistance to avoid costly mistakes and accidents in every day life. When it comes to regulation, ignorance of the law is never an excuse for breaking it. All Raleigh businesses must comply with a wide variety of government regulations and laws, to include international agreements. That’s a lot to keep up with for one person alone. Understanding and exercising due diligence protects the company from unnecessary law suits, as well as massive civil and criminal penalties. Risk management is something that every business should utilize during company planning and daily operations. These are written strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure appropriate control and compliance for employees and partners.

Raleigh Security & Safety Services

Physical security involves a complete vulnerability assessment at home, work, school, even your of your life style as a whole. Physical security starts with not getting in trouble at all, not getting out of them once you’re there. Now your overall security is so much more than just physical. Even in a city like Raleigh, you’re likely far more susceptible to a cyber attack than a physical one. Cyber crime is on the rise, criminals and predators are now extremely technically savvy and can use the internet to steal your money or take your life without you even knowing about it. Using a computer, a criminal or predator can learn most everything about your location and your lifestyle. We can help you better protect yourself from all of these things!

Why Hire a LOCAL Raleigh Private Investigation Company?

So, why should your Raleigh business look into the services of a private investigator? Well, to expose potential and future problems or to find out any underlying truths that could hurt you later down the road. We can present you with all of the facts you need to make certain important decisions for your business, and can offer advice beyond that. As truly professional investigators, we have the ability, knowledge, and skills to help your Raleigh business with nearly any potential issues.

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