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criminal background checkWhy should an individual conduct a background check or investigation? It may be for the same reasons as a business. But, it may be very private in nature where discretion is paramount. Are you about to enter into a personal relationship with a partner you know little about? Is someone close to you acting suspicious or being unusually secretive? Perhaps you have concerns about someone you or a family associates with. Are you concerned about you finances or investment?

The world can be a risky and dangerous place. When it comes to personal privacy, be fair and objective. But, you must trust your instincts. Do not be afraid to expose and confront an issue. There are reasons for a person’s unusual or undesired behavior; and there are always options and solutions. Problems do not simply go away or disappear. They typically grow or expose themselves at the worst possible moment.

Children and young adults make mistakes and they need to be protected. Small mistakes may escalate and become more serious situations over time. As a parent you have the right and responsibility to know if your children are involved in serious misconduct or criminal activities. Even the courts agree. More importantly, your children may be the victim of stalking, sexual predators, or bullies. The number of children and adults who are violently or sexually assaulted by relatives, dates, teachers, coaches, clergy, doctors, and other persons they assumed they could trust is staggering. You can monitor or learn what your children are doing with their cellular telephones and online. You can learn how to protect them against violent and sexual offenders.

consultingWhat about the people you let into your home on a regular or temporary basis? What do you truly know about your nanny, day care provider (children and elderly), house cleaners, and contractors? Is your home truly your castle?

We can help you with your physical and personal security needs. Do not risk your financial assets and future. Find out if your friend or new partner is legitimate and honest, or if their investment propositions are legal and sound. Know how to protect your financial information online as well. Do you want and need justice? Because of severe budget cuts, local and federal law enforcement does not always have the time, manpower, and resources to help you resolve your problem.

In many instances a good private investigator can help you with matters involving stalking, violent and physical abuse, bullying, missing persons, recovering stolen property and assets, and court cases. Always cooperate with law enforcement, but you may want to consult with a qualified private investigator or attorney as well. It is your right and your decision.

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