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In Today’s Growing World of Crime and Safety

consultingEveryone is, or should be, concerned for their safety in some measure. Every person and business needs to protect themselves from violent and sexual criminals, stalkers, con artists, harassment, and any other threats. Do you feel safe in your home, work, or school? What about the other places you visit with any frequency? Are you being as safe as possible during your domestic and international travels? Are you susceptible to identity theft and cybercrime, or all you well protected? As a business owner, are you providing the proper level of security and safety to protect your employees and customers, buildings and grounds, and your company’s confidential information and assets? Information is just as valuable as any other good, you need to keep your information secured at all times.

National Crime Statistics

Indicate that in 2014, over 8.2 million property crimes, at a cost of $14.3 billion total, were committed with over 1.7 million involving burglaries. Over 1.1 million violent crimes were reported in the same year. This includes both physical and sexual assaults; as well as human trafficking and hate crimes. Most crimes are committed against soft targets, including people, homes, and businesses. Together we can prevent crimes against you or your business. Let us help you become hard targets? Let us help you resolve your problems. Don’t become a statistic.

Physical Security

Physical security involves a complete vulnerability assessment at home, work, school, even your of your life style as a whole. Physical security goes beyond having to defend yourself, it starts with putting yourself in situations where that is unlikely to happen. Experts associated with GBP Services, Inc. can evaluate and recommend the best precautions and solutions for your specific situation.

Cybercrimes and Internet Threats

consultingThese online and computer threats are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and common as time goes on. Criminals and predators are now extremely technically savvy and can use the internet to steal your money or take your life without you even knowing about it. Using a computer, a criminal or predator can learn most everything about your location and your lifestyle. How much do you truly know about hackers, online dating hazards, cyberbullying, and pornography? Do you know how to protect your loved ones from these online threats? Are your accounts and passwords safe enough to withstand an attack? Do you use different, complex passwords for all of your accounts or are you more of a 1234 password kind of person? Don’t be that person.

Personal Security

Personal security pertains to threats against you or those you love or care about. It pertains to executives and other high-profile persons. With extensive experience in law enforcement, executive protection, and defensive tactics, we can advise or assist with all your personal protection and safety concerns. Learn more about violent and sexual assaults…and more importantly how to prevent them from ever happening. Everyone’s individual safety matters to us, we want everyone to be able to defend themselves successfully when they have to. We hope you’re never in that situation, but nobody can truly control that beyond a certain point.

We Offer a Free Protection Plan

For you, your loved ones and friends, and your employees. This includes valuable information and detailed instructions for producing a personalized and comprehensive plan to keep everyone as safe as possible. The best thing we can truly do is foster an engaging discussion between the parties involved and letting everyone contribute to the overall plan.

Individual Protection Packet

That can help you and law enforcement locate a loved one in a matter of hours, versus days or weeks. Ask about our free program on “Missing Children & Adults: Awareness & Prevention”. We also offer a two hour presentation for businesses, organizations, or groups at no cost. There is absolutely no charge for this valuable service. Why is this valuable service provided for free? Because we want to help people and make the world a better place to live! Nothing is worse than losing someone and not knowing why, we don’t want that to happen to anyone.

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